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Saffron Walden's Living Landscape Farms

Farmland Produce

Food production: Like most agricultural land in NW Essex, arable crops which go for processing to human or animal feed or for biodiesel predominate. But a proportion of the land produces foodstuffs that could be directly sold to local consumers: apples and other orchard crops, organic chickens and eggs, sheep meat, beef and wild meat (pheasant, partridge, venison, rabbits, wood pigeons). For consideration of wood-fuel production see Oxlip Woods page.


Locally consumable produce

Type of produce


Size (ha)

How sold

Producer contact

Sheep meat



Table poultry        
Soft fruit        
Apples etc        
Wild game        
This table can only be completed following contact with farmers

There are substantial areas of orchards but many seem not to be in active use and some have been grubbed out.

What needs doing

Who could do it?
Likely cost
Identify ownership of farmlands Direct (postal contact) with farm addresses and/or members of the public with local knowledge Under £50 Costly if
Survey of farmlands for wildlife value Essex Wildlife Trust (local members) or Essex Field Club nil EECOS if funding available
Identify produce of each farm that is (or could be) marketed locally at the farrm gate or via local outlets Organic Countryside nil  
Discover which producers would like collective publicity for their produce Organic Countryside nil  
Publish "local food" leaflet for free distribution Walden Local Food and Saffron Walden Tourist Office £250 depends on print-run