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Noakes Grove and our other Nature Reserves

We now have three nature reserves:

  • Noakes Grove, Sewards End. almost nine acres of ancient woodland, scrub and wildflower meadows.
  • Kings Field, Hempstead. Four acres of pasture land and hay meadow crossed by a small river
  • Scotch Patch, Ellis Green, Wimbish. A one-acre traditional apple orchard next to a green klane, commaon land and local wildlife site



Pure apple juice, cold-pressed from our wide-variety of rare-breed apples in our Scotch Patch orchard is now available.

£2.00 a bottle (500ml) or 12 for £24 (25p refund on each empty bottle returned).

Buy from the Walden Local Food stall at the Saturday Market

Or get it delivered free - details


Noakes Grove, in Redgates Lane, Sewards End, Saffron Walden is almost nine acres of flower-rich meadows, ancient woodland and scrub with rides that attract butterflies.

Noakes Grove Entrance

Our sheep help manage the wildflower meadows.There are now three lambs at Noakes Grove along with seven ewes . Come and say hello. (Or visit them online).

You can visit Noakes Grove whenever you like, no charge.

Download a printer friendly visitor guide leaflet with map.

Hold your child's birthday party at Noakes Grove...full details


Children's relaxation and mindfullness sessions





Essex Lotter supports Noakes Grove

DONATE - and become our Friend

We have decided to use the name "Walden Countryside" to make it clear we are a local organisation but also that we work in other parts of the Walden area not just Noakes Grove. So now we are asking you to become a "Friend of Walden Countryside". If you are already a "Friend of Noakes Grove", you don't need to do anything.

Friends of Walden Countryside get our monthly email newsletter, early news of all our events and the wonderful, but not compulsory, chance to be one of our volunteers. This can be physical work at the reserve, office work, finding grants, whatever you are good at and want to do.

You can become a Friend for a yearly donation (you choose the amount - most people give about £5) or signing up as one of our volunteers.


Enquire about being a volunteer.


Essex Lotter supports Noakes Grove

Are you one in a million?

Each week you buy a £1 ticket for the Essex lottery:

  • you have a one in a million chance of winning the £25,000 jackpot

  • a much greater chance of getting one of the more modest prizes

  • the satisfaction of knowing that, whoever wins, Noakes Grove will get 50p for every ticket you buy

Please visit our page on the Essex lottery website to find out more and buy your tickets


Who we are

The land at Noakes Grove is owned by Organic Countryside CIC - we are a not for profit company and our money to buy Noakes Grove came from people who bought our shares.

Full details of the company are here.

We need lots more shareholders because we still have an outstanding loan to repay before the land is properly ours for ever. You can become a shareholder for a minimum shareholding of £100. This protects 25 sq metres of Noakes Grove for ever. That's a real bargain.

How can I become a shareholder in Noakes Grove?