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Adopt a Sheep  

A Ewe for You? Too late to adopt one of our Wiltshire Horns

You'll be helping pay for her extra food when she is expecting or feeding her lambs and for any veterinary help she needs.

In a sense, she'll be your sheep: no one else will adopt her and we'll keep you posted with news about her and her lambs. You can visit her whenever you like.

All ten ewes are now adopted
Amy Brocolli Brunhilda Delilah
I haven't got a lamb. I'm lonely. Please Thank you for choosing me! Sprout and Barley are my daughters - I've been adopted, like one of my daughters I'm just a lamb so I'm glad I've just been adopted, my name is Baa-ley! I've got a crumpled horn despite which, I've been adopted
Doris Florence Molly Rose
I'm still a lamb so I'm really pleased to have been adopted I'm very beautiful but I was still the last to be adopted I'm adopted - that's half of us with new parents I'm already adopted


Serendipity Sprout
I like exploring but I feel safer now I'm adopted Bet you can't catch me! But you did: I'm adopted! Yippee!
  • The sheep move between Noakes Grove (Sewards End) and Kings Field (Hempstead). We'll keep you informed when your sheep moves home: you can visit either nature reserve to see your sheep.


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